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A well-organized nursery dresser is an absolute necessity! Save yourself from trying to find the diaper cream at 3am and see what I did.

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Check out my top recommended gifts for her, for toddlers, under $100, and worth the splurge!

Berry Picking with a Toddler: Tips for a Fun & Fruitful Experience!


Sharing 9 tips to ensure a fun and successful berry picking adventure with your little one!

Summer Pregnancy Tips to Stay Cool and Comfortable!


Soaring temperatures can make pregnancy a bit challenging. Here’s a list of essential tips to navigate the summer months with ease.

60 Summer Fun Activities for Toddlers


Free printable list of summer fun activities for toddlers! From water play to nature walks and sensory experiences, there’s something for every toddler.

first birthday girl theme, under the sea theme birthday party

The sweetest first birthday girl theme: ONEder the Sea!


Our daughter Sage loved her mermaid-themed party, and we’re excited to share all the details with you. From invitations to party favors, here’s how we celebrated her first year of life!

Traveling with an infant on an airplane: Your ultimate guide!


Sage’s first time on an airplane was at 8 months old! Here’s a list of everything we brought.

beauty products out on the table

A skincare routine that even a busy mom can follow!


Can I be honest? I didn’t start really caring about having a solid skincare routine until I was 33. Here’s what I use now.

Hand holding a DIY beauty serum 2oz bottle above flowers

DIY Beauty Serum for glowing skin


Make a DIY beauty serum that’s a staple in my every day skincare routine.

Second Pregnancy: Early Symptoms and Remedies That Work!


My second pregnancy, early symptoms & how they compare to my first pregnancy with Sage.

BABY #2 ON THE WAY… We’re Pregnant!!


We are SO excited to welcome another sweet babe this September!


How to Get Up and Work Out 

The Best Hostess Hacks for Parties

We Ate 19 Macarons So You Don't Have To

Where to Go on Your Next Girl's Trip


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