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Hey there mama, let’s talk postpartum recovery essentials! The postpartum period is a sacred time of restoration, healing, and bonding. I believe that prepping for postpartum recovery, is just as, if not more important, than prepping for pregnancy! Having the right postpartum recovery essentials to make this time more peaceful, easier, and lighter can make all the difference. I’m excited to share with you some of the most loved, and frequently used, postpartum recovery essentials that I can say, first-hand, have made this journey smoother and more comfortable! From a bedside cart stocked with healing tools, to comfortable outfits that are nursing friendly, to a convenient bedside bassinet, these are the items that myself and so many new moms swear by. I hope that these essentials help make your postpartum recovery more comfortable and peaceful!

postpartum recovery essentials cart


First, grab a cute tiered cart to organize your postpartum goodies in next to your bed! This is a MUST! Especially for those first few weeks when you are either in – or near – the bed. Having a cart full of your postpartum recovery essentials that you can just roll over and grab as you need, so convenient! Then you can re-use the cart for something else after your postpartum season. 

I found my rattan tiered organizer at TJMaxx!

I kept my postpartum bedside cart STOCKED with the following.. 

Afterbirth Healing Essentials:

  • WishGarden After Ease Tincture – Something I didn’t know prior to birth – afterbirth contractions are a thing. It’s your uterus contracting back down. I also experienced them when I breastfed. This tincture helped immensely with the after birth discomfort and pains. It’s an all-natural herbal supplement specifically made for after-birth contractions. I dropped the specified amount under my tongue as needed!
  • Heating Pad – Like I said, those after-birth contractions as your uterus is shrinking back down are no joke! They weren’t as painful after my first birth, but after my second they felt like strong period cramps for a few days. A heating pad helped so so much with the discomfort!
  • Essential Oils – I swear by these essential oils for everything from aches and pains, to faster healing, head tension, emotional support, and to help ground and relax my body! I diffused them, applied them topically to my abdomen, my shoulders, temples, and spine! Diffusing alone also elevates a space and adds a bit of luxury to any room. Here is my favorite diffuser and essential oils bundle, ever! Use code SHAREYL for 10% off.
  • Arnica Pellets – A gentle homeopathic pain remedy to help with bruising and internal healing after birth! Pop 3 under your tongue up to 3x per day!
  • The First 40 Days book – This book dives into the importance of nourishing a new mother, especially within the first 40 days after childbirth. “The book includes 60 simple recipes for healing soups, replenishing meals and snacks, and calming and lactation-boosting teas, all formulated to support the unique needs of the new mother. In addition to the recipes, this warm and encouraging guide offers advice on arranging a system of help during the postpartum period, navigating relationship challenges, and honoring the significance of pregnancy and birth.”
  • Water with electrolytes – Did you know that breastfeeding moms should drink up to 16 cups of water per day?? I pair my water with LMNT electrolytes to prevent any dehydration. I love my Yeti insulated tumbler! Keeps my drinks so cold, or warm, and has been my go-to for years! 
  • Ningxia Red – I popped packets of this like candy. LOADED with nutrient dense goodness, so many antioxidants. There was an amazing clinical study done on this that showed it helped with sleep, energy levels, mental health, and more! Something that every new mom – and really, everyone – needs to feed and replenish their body! It tastes sooo good, sort of tarte, but fruity and sweet. I prefer it chilled, and just drank it straight out of the packet!
  • Snacks – Think easy to grab, protein-packed, easy clean-up! I went with Chomps beef sticks, protein bars, fruit strips, etc!
postpartum recovery essentials

Breastfeeding Care Essentials:

  • Silverettes – These are a LIFESAVER for your nipples. Not only do they act as a shield from your bra or shirt when your nipples may be sore, they also have natural anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties! This provides AMAZING relief and healing, especially in the beginning of your breastfeeding journey. Just set them on your nipples in-between breastfeeding sessions and let them do their thing!
  • Rose Ointment or Nipple Butter – If my nipples were super sore or cracked, I’d rub Rose Ointment onto them in-between feeds. Rose Ointment also doubles for other things like dry skin, cuts, etc. I also bought nipple butter to try out but never used it, I’ve heard great things! 
  • Nursing Pads – Let down happens so unexpectedly as your supply regulates. Place these pads inside of nursing bras over your nipples so that your breastmilk doesn’t leak through! 
  • Haakaa – These lady bug milk collectors sit comfortably inside of your bra and will catch any leakage or letdown. Then just transfer the milk easily to a bottle or a storage bag! 
  • Breast pump – I recently started using the Elvie, a hands-free pump, and I love it! When I was postpartum I used the Spectra, which I got free with my insurance. It’s nice to have both on hand! 
  • Happy Ducts Free the Flow Tincture  – My favorite for relieving engorged breasts and helping relieve any clogged ducts. I just dropped this under my tongue as needed. Make sure you chase it with some OJ because it does have a strong aftertaste! 
  • Sunflower Lechitin – After numerous bouts of mastitis (see remedies here!), I kept this bottle close and took 2 every night as a preventative. It helps to thin-out your milk and prevent any clogs! 
  • Boppy – This saves your back when nursing if you are sitting up! Tuck it onto your side, and you can position baby differently to nurse without needing to lean over. It can also double as a pillow for you to sit on in those first few weeks while your bottoms is healing!

Comfort Care Essentials:

  • Donut Pillow – This is especially needed if you have a vaginal birth! I used my Boppy, but in hindsight, I should have gotten one of these, too. It’s very uncomfortable sitting upright after birth, so sitting on a donut-shaped pillow makes it more manageable!
  • Bed pads – For up to 6 weeks after birth, there can be a lot of bleeding, milk leaking, night sweats, etc. I put these under or sometimes even on top of my sheets, just in case! Here is a washable/ reusable option! 
  • Lavender Lip Balm – There’s nothing worse than chapped lips. I love this lip balm! It also works amazingly well on small dry patches of skin. 
  • Burp Cloths – Our first daughter never spit up, but our second daughter spit up constantlyyy. Have these readily available, just in case! Can also use for milk spills!
  • Satin Scrunchies – If you have long hair like me, these are a must! When you are so tired and weak trying to pull out your hair tie, they don’t yank your hair out! 
  • Scalp massager – The amount of tension that we hold in our scalp is unbelievable. When you take your hair out, give your scalp a good massage with this to help you to relax and relieve the built-up tension! 
  • Kindle – The first few weeks, I do a lot of hanging low, resting, healing. This time really allows me to catch-up on reading, and I love having a Kindle for this! 
  • Brush – My hair gets sooo matted laying around and resting constantly, so having a GOOD brush right there helps me to minimize my tangles and knots! 
  • Newborn diapers – Have a handful of these within reach. Newborn blowouts happen fast! (We LOVE Coterie brand! Use code DIXON to get 20% off your first order of diapers) Can also use a bed pad to change babe on top of!
  • Wipes – Not just for baby’s bum. I use baby wipes like an all-purpose wipe, haha. For spills, breastmilk cleanup, etc! We bounce between Young Living’s Seedlings and Honest Co! 
  • Tissues
coterie nontoxic baby diapers


  • Waterproof mattress + pillow protectors – For the reasons listed above, have both of these too! Not everyone gets them, but I had the postpartum night sweats terribly! I would wake up and feel like I just got out of the shower, I was soaked, the sheets were soaked, my pillow case was soaked. 
  • Extra bed sheets – For the reasons listed above! The ULTIMATE bed sheets are Cariloha Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets. I’ve tried so many different brands, and once we found these, we will never be without! Use code CHELSEAD20 to get 20% off site-wide!
  • Newton Bedside Bassinet – This was a mustttt have for our second daughter! I NEED my babies close to me, so a bedside bassinet was the perfect choice! After a ton of research, we went with the Newton bedside bassinet. It checked off EVERY single box for us, and lived up to be everything we desired and more! It fit so nicely right next to the side of my bed, has a breathe-thru mattress, has the largest-in-class sleep surface, is lightweight, comes with a travel bag, and is patented with their Wovenaire® technology (the same as Newton’s award-winning crib mattress). It felt so nice to just be able to roll over and see my daughter, then pick her up and nurse her without having to walk down the hall to a separate bedroom. Having her close to be at all times feels so natural and makes my mama heart so happy! 
  • Blood pressure cuff – This may seem random, but it is so so important! I had postpartum preeclampsia with my second daughter, and knew the signs to lookout for. One of those being a headache that does not subside with medication, and elevated blood pressure. It typically presents within a week after birth, but can present up to 6 weeks after birth! Just make sure you are monitoring your blood pressure at home, especially if you are feeling off!
newton bedside bassinet


postpartum recovery bathroom essentials

Now onto the bathroom basket of your postpartum recovery essentials! We have two bathrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs, so I put a basket of postpartum recovery essentials in each. We have stands right next to our toilet, so I just put a basket on top of it and filled it with my goods. If we didn’t, I’d put a basket on the back of the toilet, or put another rolling rack right next the toilet for easy access. With the exception of the padsicles (those have to stay in the freezer until use), I keep the below postpartum recovery essentials in my bathroom baskets!

(To make your padsicles, check out my DIY here!)

This is how I went to the bathroom postpartum and used these products, in order!

1. Dermoplast anesthetic spray – As soon as I sat down to go to the bathroom, I sprayed this allll over the area. It numbs you so that you can go to the bathroom comfortably and without pain! 

2. Peri wash bottle  – Make sure you fill this with warm water BEFORE you sit down! Then after you go to the bathroom, spray everything down really well. You will NOT want to use toilet paper in the first few weeks, especially if you have stitches. This rinses everything off very well. 

postpartum recovery bathroom essentials frida mom

3. Baby wipes – I used these to dab and wipe anything off occasionally, as needed. 

4. Tucks witch hazel cooling pads – These are great because they clean the area and disinfect. I used these in conjunction with baby wipes to wipe away blood, and well, anything else. 

5. ClaraDerm Spray – This makes a TREMENDOUS difference in healing. It’s formulated with very healing plants like lavender, tea tree, and helichrysum. It also contains coconut oil. I sprayed it liberally on the area (I had a second degree tear with my first daughter, and a first degree tear with my second), and it helped soooo so much! Grab 2 bottles and use code SHAREYL for 10% off!

young living claraderm spray postpartum recovery

6. Depends  – I wore these at night because I feel like they provided more protection from any leaks. 

7. Padsicles or ice maxi pads  – I alternated these religiously for the first 1-2 weeks. They helped so much with inflammation and pain levels. (To make your padsicles, check out my DIY here!)

8. Overnight pads  – I’d use these the during the day with a padsicle or ice maxi pad, inside of the mesh underwear below. I loved these ones because they’re heavy duty, chlorine and fragrance free! 

9. Mesh underwear  – I wore these ones! Comfy. Feels like you have nothing on!

10. Sitz bath – A must-have to help you to heal postpartum. I loved this mixture make with dead sea salts, calendula flower, lavender, and frankincense. It helps to calm inflammation, soothe and protect irritated or inflamed internal tissue, ease soreness and bruising, reduce bleeding from minor abrasions, and fight off unwanted bacteria! I just ran a bath, dumped some in, waited for it to dissolve, and soaked or 20 minutes or so! I recommend getting a couple bags. They also make a beautiful postpartum gift and adds a little bit of luxury to the postpartum period! 

postpartum recovery essentials bathroom basket


Postpartum Recovery Essentials are not complete without comfortable, cute, affordable outfits!

To be honest, I’m usually topless the majority of the first few weeks. I’ve learned the hard way to keep any tight-ish clothing off of the girls until my milk regulates. I stay in or near bed, live in a button down nightgown or a light robe and go from the bathroom, to the bed, maybe to the fridge, back to the bed or the couch!

Here are some of my must-haves, can’t-be-without during postpartum recovery essentials:

  • Comfy button-down pajamas and nightgowns – I am allll about comfort! Also, breastfeeding accessible lounge wear. These pj’s were affordable, so soft and comfortable, and the quality was great!  
  • Comfy Robes – I love this one & this one! For the first week or so, forget clothes. I LIVE in comfy robes and depends. (hopefully people knock before they enter..)
  • Comfy nursing bras – I’ve tried SO many nursing bras, and these ones are by far my favorite! They’re also so affordable!  
  • Cozy Slippers – I’ve had these slip-ons for years. They have a grippy sole too so I’m not sliding all over the place.
  • Comfy undies – I found a pack of Laura Ashley high-waisted, full coverage underwear at TJMaxx. These are very similar. 
  • Comfy oversized t-shirts – These t-shirts are my faves! So big and oversized, I feel so great in them postpartum, and have them in so many colors.
  • Comfy sweatpants – NO sweatpants compare to these. SO soft, so comfortable around the waist area, I have them in 3 colors! 
  • Comfy sweatshirts – My favorite sweatshirts. Oversized, soft, so easy to lift up to nurse under. Have these in several colors too!  

Are you seeing the trend here? When you’re prepping for postpartum, make sure everything is COMFY COMFY COMFY.  Go for comfort, mama!

Here are a bunch of my postpartum recovery essentials in one spot on my Amazon storefront!

Aside from the physical healing necessities, postpartum can also take a mental toll on a new mom. A majorly overlooked postpartum recovery essential that mom’s truly need – is support. Here is a blog post that I wrote, “Postpartum Gifts That Moms Really Want”. Know that you’re not alone mama! Even when you may feel so isolated, lonely, and are wondering, “how much longer?” Know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you are struggling, please tell someone. I signed up for Better Help Therapy 6 months postpartum, and it was the best thing that I ever did.

You can get 2 weeks free when you join here!

As you embark on your postpartum journey, remember that taking care of yourself is just as important as caring for your new baby. The ultimate postpartum recovery essentials we’ve covered here are designed to help you heal, rest, and rejuvenate. Every recovery experience is unique, so listen to your body and give yourself the grace to recover at your own pace. By prioritizing your well-being, you’ll be better equipped to enjoy the precious moments with your little one. Here’s to a healthy and happy postpartum recovery!

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