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Postpartum Gifts That Moms REALLY Want


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Honestly, I wish someone had told me how hard postpartum would be. Now as a mom of two, I get it. I get the loneliness. The isolation. The exhaustion. The sleep deprivation. The hormones. The worry. The mental load. We put SO much focus on preparing for the baby’s arrival, that taking care of mom in postpartum often takes a backseat. To all of my mom friends who came before me, I’m sorry that I didn’t know. Now that I do, I want to change the narrative. It takes a village to raise a baby, AND raise a mother. Here are some gifts that a postpartum mom REALLY wants – and frankly, she needs and deserves!

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1. A POSTPARTUM-THEMED BABY SPRINKLE (preferrably before baby arrives)

This can be for a brand new mama, or for a mom friend who already has babies. I learned about a postpartum sprinkle or shower after my second was born (and will be asking my girlfriends for this when we *god willing* have a 3rd!). I feel like doing this within 2-3 weeks BEFORE baby’s due date is prime time. Girlfriends, sisters, and family can gather and help mom prep, clean, and basically ‘nest’ for postpartum life! They can bring or prep a bunch of freezer meals, help mom get the house ready, or even finish up organizing the nursery for baby’s arrival. Purchase items for and get mama’s bedside cart, bathroom cart, etc. all set up and ready to go. Anything to take a huge chunk off of mom’s plate and make her postpartum journey simpler, lighter, and easier!

Here are my favorite postpartum items from Amazon!


Picture this: a postpartum mom, snuggled up with her little one, and her surroundings sparkling clean! *HEAVEN* Offering the gift of a vacuumed home isn’t just about tidying up—it’s about creating a serene space where she can find solace amid the most tender and precious time. Also, it feels amazing to walk around your vacuumed home postpartum and not feel the *urge* to go grab your vacuum or see dog hair tumbleweeds blowing about. (speaking from experience!)

Extra love – Hire a housecleaner to come and not only vacuum, but also run through and do a quick clean top to bottom!


The kitchen sink, a silent witness to countless baby bottles and midnight snack sessions. Clearing away the dishes and leaving the sink empty seems so small, but I promise you that it is SO BIG! It’s a reminder that someone is there to lighten the load, allowing mom to focus on the tiny moments that matter most!


Laundry is a constant companion in a new mom’s life. And the pile seems to NEVER end. Offering the gift of washed and neatly put away clothes is like wrapping her worries in a cozy blanket and tucking them away. It’s a gesture that says, “Take a breath; I’ve got this.” What a huge relief! If you’re booked solid, look up a local laundry service and gift that to her! If you are in or around the Rochester, NY area, try Laundry Hero!

Postpartum mom with toddler


Sleep becomes a rare commodity in the world of new motherhood. The saying ‘sleep when baby sleeps’ seems impossible when mom has such a heavy mental load. Offering mom to nap while taking care of household chores is like gifting her a slice of heaven. The relief and peace that she feels when she wakes up to a refreshed home is truly priceless! If you want to help her to get SUPER comfortable, this luxurious Barefoot Dreams blanket is truly – a dream! (Sign up for emails to get 15% off!)


These were my favorite. Ever ‘forget to eat’? Pregnancy and birth depletes us SO much, we NEED good, nourishing meals. Whether a meal train is setup, a homemade or purchased meal dropped off, or gift cards or meals from Instacart, Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash are gifted, this sweet gesture fuels both body and soul! We went WEEKS without having to purchase a meal thanks to our amazing family and friends, and it was incredible!


Uber Eats – get $20 off a $25 order using code: eats-chelseay541ue

Door Dash – Use this link to get $30 off ($10 off each of your first 3 orders!)

Grubhub – Use this link to get get $10 off of your first order!

Instacart – Use this code to get $10 off of your first order! CYOUNG2F608


Imagine the bliss of a long, hot shower or bath uninterrupted. I remember having to put my baby’s bouncer outside of the shower, leaving the curtain pulled back to keep one eye on her as I tried to shower as fast as possible. Providing a gentle embrace for baby while mom enjoys this luxury is a gift beyond measure. It’s a moment of self-care that allows her to rejuvenate and return to her little one feeling refreshed and like a new woman! Toss in a packet of organic sitz bath to allow her to heal as she relaxes.


Pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding both take a major toll on our bodies. Find a local massage therapist to go to mom, set up her table, and give mom a relaxing massage, in the comforts of her own home. This can allow mom to relax, and greatly benefit her in healing!


Postpartum is a major period of healing and transition. Moms need ALL of the support that they can get. Postpartum doulas are essentially there to “help a mother to mother.” They offer so many different services to moms and families. They can help with newborn care, emotional and physical recovery, housekeeping, running errands, breastfeeding support, nighttime services, meal prep, caring for siblings, and more! Some women ask for this as a baby gift from family and friends! Especially if they have more than one child. Find a postpartum doula near you here!


In the whirlwind of early motherhood, encouragement and love are such treasured gifts. It’s easy to feel like you’re out on your own little island when the days and nights melt together in those first few months. A quick text, voice message, or card with a kind word, a reassuring smile, or a simple “you’re doing amazing,” can brighten her day and remind her that she’s not alone on this incredible journey.

To all those considering the perfect postpartum gifts for a new mom, remember that sometimes it’s the simple acts of kindness and understanding that make the most significant impact. Your support and love are the true gifts that keep on giving, nourishing her through the beautiful chaos of those early days. They say it takes a village to raise a baby.. and it also takes a village to raise a mom. So, to all the moms out there, may you receive these gifts in abundance and savor every sweet moment of motherhood!

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