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Get ready for round two, mamas! As I gear up to welcome my second little babe, I’m reminded of the whirlwind that is adjusting to life with a newborn once again. Amidst the sweet moments of choosing tiny outfits and daydreaming about baby giggles, there’s one thing I’ve learned: prepping for the postpartum period is an absolute necessity. So, fellow mamas who are getting ready to have a baby, let’s chat about getting ourselves all set up! I’m talking about the practical stuff – like stocking a bedside cart, creating a bathroom basket, sorting out my post-baby wardrobe, and making sure the kitchen has everything I need for post-baby fuel.

I’m sharing everything I have so far for postpartum prep below, because the upcoming adventure is bound to be beautifully chaotic, and being prepared can truly make a world of difference!

Postpartum Bedside Cart:


Heating Pad


Boob Pads


WishGarden After Ease Tincture

Rose Ointment for Nipples

Essential Oils

Lip Balm

Happy Ducts Free the Flow Tincture

Sunflower Lechitin

Burp Cloths

Satin Scrunchies

Extra sets of footsies

Bed Pads


Grab a cute tiered cart to organize it all in next to the bed! Then you can re-use the cart for something else once you’re no longer in your prepping for postpartum era.

Rolling Utility Cart

Tiered Stand

Other Items:

  • Water cup
  • Snacks
  • Pump
  • Brush
  • Newborn diapers and wipes (We LOVE Coterie brand! Use code DIXON to get 20% off your first order of diapers)
  • Tissues

Postpartum Bathroom Basket:

I just tuck all of this into a basket right next to the toilet for easy access – with the exception of the padsicles, those have to stay in the freezer until use! To make your padsicles, check out my DIY here.


Tucks witch hazel cooling pads

ClaraDerm Spray

Padsicles or ice maxi pads

Peri wash bottle

Mesh underwear

Overnight pads

Dermoplast anesthetic spray

Baby Wipes

Comfy Outfits for Postpartum:

Are you seeing the trend here? When you’re prepping for postpartum, make sure everything is COMFY COMFY COMFY.





Nursing Bras

To be honest, I’m usually topless the majority of the first few weeks when I’m lounging in bed. Other than that, I live in a big nightgown or a light robe. Something that’s super easy to open up or pull down to breastfeed. I don’t wear anything tight or form-fitting to deter the risk of clogs as my milk is regulating. (Read my post on preventing clogged milk ducts here!) A comfy nursing bra is a MUST. As well as comfy underwear once you’re out of the fancy depends or mesh undies!


Electrolyte drinks

I prefer the liquid IV packets. Lemon Lime + Watermelon are my fave!

Home Chef Meal Kit Delivery

Something else we are trying out for the first time is Home Chef! Simple, easy to make, DELICIOUS recipes! It makes me excited to cook because it completely takes the guess-work out of having to think of what to make, making sure you have the ingredients, etc. It lays it all out for you + provides you with the exact ingredients that you need!

*Use code CHELSEAD505 for $35 off of your first order!

Lots of Snacks!

Some great options are protein-packed snacks like beef sticks and protein balls. Soups + broths are quick and easy and provide a lot of much needed nutrition. Prepped Freezer Meals are also so helpful during the postpartum season. Ask friends and family if they’d be willing to drop off a freezer meal to support you on this healing journey. (We opted for Home Chef instead of doing this!)

I eat SO much postpartum, so keeping our fridge stocked with nutritious food is so important. We have friends or family do quick grocery runs for us, and we also love to Instacart for convenience. *Use code CYOUNG32010D for $10.

And there you have it, mama!

Your bedside and bathroom baskets are packed with love, comfort, and practicality, and your kitchen with simple nourishment, all ready to support you on this incredible postpartum journey. Just remember, it’s not about having it all perfectly figured out; it’s about having what you need when you need it, and giving yourself the grace to embrace the beautiful chaos of motherhood. So, go ahead, prepare your baskets, take care of yourself, and enjoy those precious moments with your little one. You’ve got this, and you’re about to embark on one of the most magical adventures of your life.

Here’s to postpartum bliss!

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