homemade diy postpartum padsicles

DIY Postpartum Padsicles

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Soon-to-be Postpartum mama, picture this: you, lounging in post-labor bliss, while a freezer full of homemade postpartum padsicles waits to cradle you in soothing coolness. My girlfriend delivered a gallon ziploc bag full of these to me after I gave birth to my first daughter and WHEWWW did they make such a difference in my relief and postpartum vaginal healing. So, grab your cozy robe, put on your favorite playlist, and let’s turn that freezer into a sanctuary of soothing bliss!

homemade diy postpartum padsicles

What you’ll need for Postpartum Padsicles:

TIP: make enough to use at least 2-3 a day for the first 2-3 weeks! If you have extras, gift them to a PP mama friend!

How to make DIY postpartum padsicles

How to make:

  1. Put 8-10 drops of each essential oil into the small spray bottle, top with witch hazel
  2. Open the pad, and set aside the wrappers
  3. Using your spatula, lather the pad very well with aloe vera
  4. Generously spray the oils + witch hazel mixture over top of the aloe vera
  5. Fold the pad back up, reseal with the wrappers
  6. Place the pads into your ziploc bag and once full, put the bag in the freezer

When needed, grab one, unwrap, and stick inside of your postpartum underwear or depends and enjoy the soothing, coolness!

Here’s to healing, to strength, and to the beautiful journey of motherhood! Enjoy mama!

PS: Are you ready for your postpartum journey? I put together a comprehensive list of my favorite postpartum products for the bedroom, the bathroom, AND the kitchen. Check out my must-haves here.

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