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Have you been thinking about giving your outdoor space a refresh? I recently bought these super cute accessories for our outdoor patio and they perfectly complement my boho style. Let’s elevate your outdoor space with these five items!

Make your space cozy and trendy with this boho modern rug. Pair it with these cute white with black throw pillows. For outdoor pillows, I grabbed these water resistant pillow inserts and these elegant black waterproof pillow covers.

Don’t forget to keep your space practical! Add this rolling cart for convenience and mobility. It’s perfect for storing all your outdoor essentials.

This metal beverage tub will keep your drinks chilled and add a chic touch to your outdoor gatherings. It’s also the perfect spot to store your towels! We host quite a few parties throughout the year (remember Sage’s ONEder the sea party?) and this beverage tub definitely comes in handy.

With just a few items, you can create a modern oasis that blends style and coziness. So, let’s elevate your outdoor space and create the perfect ambiance for relaxing and entertaining! You can view all my favorite outdoor decor finds in my Amazon store here.

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