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5 must-haves for baby’s first summer


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With baby number two’s due date quickly approaching, it has me pulling out baby gear in preparation for his or her big arrival! It also has me thinking of the summertime necessities we used for Sage as an infant. Here are 5 must-have items that will make life easier for you during your baby’s first summer:

1. Fisher Price Portable Dome

We used this every single day when Sage was an infant throughout those hot summer months. It was breathable, light weight, and protected her newborn skin from the sun. I’d set her in here with a little fan and we’d hang outside. I was able to relax, do a little work, and she enjoyed a nice cool, breezy, summertime nap in the shade!

2. Portable fan

This portable fan was a life saver when the temps really rose! We’d hook it onto Sage’s fisher price dome, her carseat, and her stroller. It has several speed settings and charges quickly. We still use it to this day!

3. Sun shades

You must, must, must have good sun shades for your backseat windows! I love the ones that can roll up so that you are able to roll the window down. We learned the hard way when we bought some that did NOT do that, and then they were ruined. These have proven to be a MUCH better choice!

4. Cute sun hats with built-in SPF protection

If you are enjoying summertime with a newborn, be prepared for them to have a sunhat on constantly! We had several for Sage, including this one from Ruffle Butts with 50 UPF built-in!

5. Long sleeve swimwear with built-in SPF protection

Until our babe could wear sunscreen (at 6 months), long sleeve swimwear protected her little arms from the sun. RuffleButt’s swimwear also has 50 UPF built-in protection – how amazing! They also have the cutest prints to choose from.

As you prepare for your baby’s first summer, don’t forget to grab these essentials to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable season. Share your favorite baby summer essentials in the comments below and let’s support each other on this incredible parenting journey. If you’re preparing to be a new mom, I also made a list of my postpartum must-haves! Check it out here.

Don’t forget to cherish every moment and create beautiful memories together!

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