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DIY Beauty Serum for glowing skin


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This DIY Beauty Serum is one of my absolute favorites with essential oils that I turn everyone and their sister on to! Here is the recipe that I personally use: 

In a 2oz dropper bottle:

  • 15 drops Blue Tansy
  • 15 drops Frankincense 
  • 15 drops Geranium

Then I add these but they are optional:

  • 2 drops Rose
  • 3 drops Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood
  • 7 drops Patchouli

Then top with rosehip oil or jojoba oil. (I prefer rosehip!)

All of these essential oils have incredible skin-rejuvenating properties! The oils themselves are expensive, but this is how I do the math. A DIY beauty serum typically lasts me 3 months so:

  • Blue Tansy 5ml would give you 6 refills
  • Frankincense 5ml would give you 6 refills (or you can grab the 15ml and get 20 refills)
  • Geranium 15ml would give you 20 refills
  • Rose 5ml would give you 42 refills
  • Patchouli 15ml would give you 42 refills
  • Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood 5ml would give you 30 refills.

So you’d get literally years worth of refills from many oils with just one purchase! Blue tansy and Frankincense (if you purchase the 5ml of frank) would be the only 2 needing to be replaced more often. Isn’t it so much more affordable to view it that way?! Wild!!

I apply a dropper full of this serum both morning and night. Check out my full skincare routine here.


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