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A skincare routine that even a busy mom can follow!

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Can I be honest? I didn’t start really caring about having a solid skincare routine until I was 33. I washed my face, used toner, sunscreen occasionally, and lotion. That was about it! 

After my first pregnancy, my skin totally changed and I started really noticing my fine lines. That’s when I thought.. ehhhh I should really figure something out sooner rather than later.. And so I started to craft my busy mom skin care routine! Did you know that our skin is our largest organ, absorbing 60-70% of what we put onto it?? Therefore while considering this, it was SUPER important to me to buy very clean products and purchase from companies who put consumer’s wellness at the forefront. I’ll purchase for transparency, practices, and ingredients over profit, all day every day! 

With that, here is my am and pm skin care routine (in order) that I have been following for some months now, and am seeing great results from!

daily routine


First and foremost.. HYDRATION! From the inside-out! So yes, I swear by drinking lots of water for the first step of your skincare routine. I start my day with a big glass and aim for at least eight 8-ounce glasses a day. Water helps to maintain your skin’s elasticity, and can help lessen wrinkles, lines, etc. I also recently started diving into the importance of electrolytes and skincare. I learned that skin must be well-hydrated for its regenerative processes to function properly. So electrolytes really are essential for healthy, glowing skin! I personally use Physica Energetics ReHydrate tincture, purchased through my holistic practitioner, but there are many great electrolyte supplements out there to choose from!


I alternate between Satin Mint Facial Scrub as an exfoliant (every few days) and OSEA Ocean Cleanser as an every day face wash. The Satin Mint Scrub feels cooling/tingly on the skin, I really love being able to feel like something is working, if that makes sense? It’s very gentle on the skin, exfoliates, brightens skin tone, and is suitable for all skin types. The Ocean Cleanser is so smooth, OSEA’s products are sea-weed infused, really unique formulas. This cleanser provides mineral-rich hydration and both are  cruelty-free, vegan, have 0 harmful ingredients, and the Ocean Cleanser is also gluten-free. (Use code CHELSEADS for 10% off at OSEA)


ART Toner! I just squirt some onto a cotton ball and wipe all over. It’s amazing how much residue/dirt comes off onto the cotton balls, even AFTER I thought I washed my face well! ART toner helps to balance the skin’s pH, reduce the appearance of pores, and it’s made with essential oils, green tea, and aloe vera extracts. Also cruelty-free, vegetarian, and vegan friendly, made with 0 harmful ingredients. 


I love love love ice rolling. One, it feels amazing! I never realized how much tension I held, and how my face could be so tender in spots until I started rolling it. It reduces puffiness, stimulates circulation in the face, tightens the skin, helps with lymphatic drainage, and more! Plus it really wakes me up first thing in the morning. This is the one I use. I just roll it all over my face for probably 5 minutes or so! Sage even loves to get in on the ice roller action ha! (Just beware – if slammed onto the ground by a toddler hard enough, the plastic handle will crack – good thing she’s cute and they’re cheap!)


My favorite is the OSEA hyaluronic sea serum. It doesn’t feel as oily as most serums. I put a few droppers on my face and massage it in. It absorbs so fast, and smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also super hydrating! It’s made with two molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, seaweed and snow mushroom, fragrance free, great for all skin types! 

Then I layer on my Glow Beauty Serum. This is one of my absolute favorite DIYs with essential oils that I turn everyone and their sister on to! It’s made with blue tansy, frankincense, rose, sandalwood, and other skin-loving oils. Make yourself one and it will last forever!

Lastly, I love this CBD Beauty Boost. We call this botox in a bottle! I just put 1-2 droppers onto my face and apply evenly everywhere. It smells heavenly! It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, moisturizes the skin, makes your skin glow, and is great for all skin types. It contains 0.0% THC, just pure potent CBD, tamanu oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, tocopherol (aka vitamin e), and rose flower oil (most expensive essential oil!). 


ART Intensive Moisturizer is what feels best for me. This moisturizer is SO hydrating! I’d rate it probably a medium on the scale of moisture heaviness. I love how smooth it goes on. It’s great for fine lines, wrinkles, makes my skin feel baby soft, it’s also non-allergenic and non-irritaing. It’s made with pracaxi seed oil, blue hibiscus leaf extract, apple fruit extract, and other naturally-derived ingredients!


This has been a game changer for my skincare routine! After my lotion and serums are on and I have a slippery surface on my face, it’s time to get that blood and those lymphs really flowing! Guasha is an ancient Chinese method where you gently run a jade stone along the skin to help relieve tension, improve blood flow, reduce puffiness, relieve sinus pressure, and reduce inflammation. There are a TON of options out there, this is the one that I recommend. Whichever one you purchase, just make sure it is made from a real stone (jade or rose quartz) for best results. 

Here’s a brief tutorial video:

You want to hold the tool at an angle, almost flat to your skin, and slide it along in the direction you’re massaging. Always start from the middle of your face and move towards the outside. This should be very light pressure, you don’t want to pull your skin, so just adjust pressure as needed. I usually do one area 5-10x. At the end I move to my neck to move the fluid to my lymphs to drain. It is amazing to see what areas of your face are tender, need more pressure as you do this! 

I started to see results pretty immediately, and after consistent guasha use, my face is noticeably less-puffy, my skin tone is more even, and my face is definitely smoother. Between ice-rolling and guasha, these 2 tie for first place in my skincare routine as my favorites to do!


I love this KORA organics noni radiant eye oil. You can do this before or after the guasha, I usually choose after just to let it really settle in. There’s a roller ball applicator on it that is rose quartz, so it makes it very easy to apply gently under / around the eye! It brightens, and helps reduce fine lines! It’s made with four types of Oils – Organic Rosehip, Organic Macadamia, Organic Avocado, and Kahai and three types of natural extracts! 


I use this Laneige lip sleeping mask. This is the only product that isn’t totally clean (it is free of parabens and phthalates), but I love the way it makes my lips silky smooth! I even find myself using it throughout the day. If I come across a cleaner version that works just as well, I’ll probably switch to that one! 

as needed skincare


I am obsessed with this Mirah Luminous Cleansing Oil! I use a few pumps and just massage it into my face to remove my makeup. I also use it to remove my eye makeup. Then just wipe/rinse with water. It leaves my skin super soft! It’s made of ​​essential oils such as Sandalwood, Rose, and Jasmine and pure carrier oils, including jojoba and argan!


I alternate between Tea Tree and Purification essential oils for this. I just dab a drop or two on the area as needed! Tea Tree is known to be great for the skin, and Purification is a blend of plant oils that help to purify the skin!


I love love love this charcoal face mask. I use it maybe once every 2 weeks, but should definitely do it more! It feels so rejuvenating and a little tingly on the skin! It detoxes impurities, purifies pore, reduces blemishes, and restores skin tone. After I rinse it off I feel so refreshed! It’s made with tahitian volcanic black sand (um, sweet!), activated charcoal, salicylic acid, peppermint essential oil, and more. It is dermatologist tested, made without any harmful ingredients, hypoallergenic, and is cruelty free! 

just 10-15 minutes a day

In total this skincare routine probably takes me 10-15 minutes a day. A skin care routine that even a busy mom can follow, that leaves your skin glowing, smoother, and brighter! I hope this inspires you to carve out some much deserved time for yourself morning and night, and give yourself a little self care with a fun, simple, and clean skin care routine!

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